Tasor was a noble of Gathol, a friend of Gahan of Gathol's youth and the son of a Gatholian warrior who died in defense of Gahan's father. He was captured by soldiers from Manataj and sold to a princess of that city who had her husband killed so that she could marry him. To escape the scandal the couple moved with her extensive worldly goods to Manator where they took new names, his being A-Sor. His wife bought him a post in the Jeddak's guard and by the time Gahan and Tara arrive in Manator Tasor had become an under-padwar in the service of O-Tar. He tells Gahan that his wife died some time before and that 'she was beautiful, but she was a devil.' His feelings about the woman are left unclear but he certainly made no effort to get away from her.