Anatok is the Jed of Gooli and thus the leader of the strange Kangaroo Men situated on the island Ompt. Like most of his race he is a vain and cowardly fellow. He believes himself to be the wisest, bravest, most powerful Jeddak on Barsoom, and that all non-Goolians are ignorant savages unable to appreciate his wisdom and power. He initially ordered the captured Tor-Dur-Bar, (Actually the Red Man Vor Daj in a Hormad body), and Janai of Amhor to be used as slaves for his tribe, but decided to let Zuki fight Vor Daj instead. When the man-eaters appeared he fled in terror into the forest, later claiming it was part of his brilliant military strategy. When the man-eaters where defeated, he emerged from hiding, and Vor Daj physically intimidated him into granting them their freedom.

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