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The information in this article comes from Dynamites, warlord of mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Dor Valian
Image by Carlos Rafael & Carlos Lopez
Biographical information
Title Prince
Gender Male
Race Red Martian
Kingdom Yorn
Status Deceased

Dor Valian the prince of the kingdom of Yorn son of the Jeddak Senneth Dor. Dor Valian was an inventor, a scholar, and a poet.


Dor Valian's mother was a concubine to the Jeddak of Yorn, and when she died the Jeddak was greatly saddened. Over the years Dor Valian proved to be a disappointment to his father, his father only keeping Valian around because he reminded him of his mother.

Eventually the Jeddak plotted to take over Helium in a plot fueled by the knowledge gained from Valians research. Valian was used in this plot, completely oblivous to what his father was doing. Valian helped free Dejah Thoris and worked against his fathers plot.

Once his father took control of the Colossus Valian was able to conceive a device that would make him vulnerable, and a flight pack that would allow Dejah Thoris to get in close to kill it. When the colossus fell it killed Dor Valian. Very few people attended his funeral, and Dejah Thoris was greatly saddened by his death.


Dor Valian is a kind, courteous, and intelligent individual. He is also very brave and very capable of love. He lacks any physical ability, but he was a great inventor and is willing to fight for what he believes in.

Inventions & DiscoveriesEdit

Dor Valian is an inventor, a scholar, and a poet. He managed to decipher the ancient writings of Voormenihes, and thus discovered the great Colossus. And it was his inventions that where responsible for the defeat of the colossus, a machine that interrupted its brain waves, a sword with an extremely powerful cannon built into it, and a strange flight pack.

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