Placeholder person
Biographical information
Title Princess
Gender Female
Race Red
Kingdom Manator; formerly Gathol
Status Alive
Haja was a Princess of Gathol who was captured by the forces of Manator and forced to serve as a sex slave to the brutish Jeddak O-Tar. She bore a son, A-Kor, for O-Tar, who would grow up to be a dwar and the keeper of the Towers of Jetan. No doubt she was delighted when O-Tar presented her to the great Jed U-Thor who fell in love with her, freed her and made her his princess. For her sake, U-Thor came to the defense of her son A-Kor and together with the Prince Gahan, raised a revolt that resulted in O-Tar's fall and A-Kor's ascension as Jeddak. A clear win for all concerned.

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