The information in this article comes from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Hithers are a people native to mars, not much is known about them other than some specifics of their culture, and their relatively human body shape



There are a few specific facts of Hither culture that are worthy of note, the Earthman Gullivar found their liquer disgusting (saying it tasted like terpentine). They have a considerable settlement in the ruins of the city of Varnal, a city from the Kane Dynasty which dates thousands of years before the molluscs occupation. According to Hither lore Micheal Kane (leader of the Kane dynasty) was from Negalu (seemingly the Hither name for earth).

Hithers who were apparently loyal to the earthman Gullivar fought alongside John Carter, Green Martians, and the Sorns against the dreaded Molluscs. The Hithers used a powerful cannon of their make to penetrate the Mollusc perimeter.


The Hither are from Edwin Lester Linden Arnold's "Lieutenant Gullivar Jones: His Vacation" (more commonly known as Gullivar of Mars). This book predates Burroughs martian series, but never achieved nearly the same popularity.

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