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A Jeddak is the Martian equivalent of a tribal leader or king/queen. The female equivalent (or the Jeddaks consort) is called a Jeddara.

Named Jeddaks Edit

Amhor Edit

Duhor Edit

Dusar Edit

Gathol Edit

  • Gahan, current jeddak, son-in-law of John Carter, brother-in-law of prince Carthoris, cousin of A-Kor, father of Llana
  • Tara, jeddara, married to Gahan. Daughter of Warlord John Carter and princess Dejah Thoris, granddaughter of Mors Kajak, great-grandaughter of Jeddak Tardos Mors of Helium.

Helium Edit

  • John Carter, the "Jeddak of Jeddaks", Warlord of Mars, husband of princess Dejah Thoris, father of Carthoris and Tara, grandfather of Llana, son-in-law of Mors Kajak, grandson-in-law of Tardos Mors, father-in-law of Gahan and Thuvia; longtime ally of Tars Tarkus, Thuvan Dinh, Talu, and Xodar, among others 
  • Tardos Mors, current jeddak; father of Jed Mors Kajak, grandfather of princess Dejah Thoris, great-grandfather of Tara and Carthoris
  • Carthoris, son of John Carter and Dejah Thoris, son-in-law of Thuvan Dinh, grandson of Mors Kajak, great-grandson of Tardos Mors, brother of Tara, brother-in-law of Gahan; briefly served as Jeddak of Helium after his grandfather, great-grandfather, and mother all went missing

Horz Edit

Invak Edit

Kamtol Edit

Kaol Edit

  • Kulan Tith, current jeddak; longtime ally of Thuvan Dinh  

Lothar Edit

  • Tario, former jeddak; killed by the princess Thuvia after attempting to rape her


  • A-Kor, current jeddak, and son of O-Tar and Princess Haja of Gathol; also cousin of Gahan
  • O-Tar, former jeddak and father of A-Kor; committed suicide.
  • O-Mai, jeddak who reigned 5,000 years before O-Tar; was so feared that when he died, nobody dared try and bury his body for fear of incurring the wrath of his spirit 

Okar Edit

  • Talu, current jeddak, and nephew of Salensus Oll; formerly the "rebel prince" of Maurentia
  • Salensus Oll, former jeddak, uncle of Talu; killed by John Carter after trying to forcibly marry Dejah Thoris

Ombra Edit

Omean Edit

  • Xodar, current jeddak, and ally of John Carter
  • Issus, former jeddara; died from a heart attack after being deposed by Carter

Phundahl Edit

  • Dar Tarus, current jeddak
  • Xaxa, hideous former jeddara, and daughter of the jeddak who preceded her; died from a heart attack after swapping bodies with the princess Valla Dia
  • Hora San, former jeddak; died after falling to his death inside the statue of Tur in 1807

Ptarth Edit

  • Thuvan Dihn, current jeddak, father of princess Thuvia and father-in-law of prince Carthoris; ally of John Carter  

Thark Edit

  • Tars Tarkus, current jeddak, father of princess Sola, and one of John Carter's greatest allies
  • Tal Hajus, former jeddak; killed by Tars Tarkus after attempting to rape his daughter

Toonol Edit

Torquas Edit

Warhoon Edit


  • The term Jed & Jeddak are often misunderstood in adaptions and used interchangeably. The Difference is that Jeds rule cities, and Jeddaks rule nations.
  • In the disney film universe Jeddaks wear white fur mantles made from the fur of white apes.

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