The Lunar Tongue is the language spoken by the denizens of the lunar interior. The language of the moon is a very complicated language spoken by the races. The language is described as a song, almost operatic. Their language is sung to a five-note scale (A, B, C, D, and E), each pitch carrying a different meaning to the word or syllable intoned. Using the word gu-e-ho (an unidentified word) as an example: ‘Gu’ sung in A means something different than sung in E; ‘Gu’ sung in A followed by ‘e’ sung in G means something different other than ‘Gu’ sung in D followed by ‘e’ sung in A. Thus, there are 27 possible meanings to a three syllable word depending how it is sung and in what order. No words are longer than three syllables with most of them being two syllables in length.

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