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Kaor, and welcome to the Encyclodpedia Barsoomia! This is quite possibly the first and only wiki devoted exclusively to the world that Edgar Rice Burroughs created almost a century ago. Although the mythology of Barsoom is not as grandiose as that of, say, Star Wars or Star Trek, I hope that this humble wiki will grow to a respectable size and Burroughs' work will be discovered by new readers.

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Please note that some images on this wiki may contain mild or moderate nudity, as Burroughs described the Martian people as being scantily clad, "undisfigured" by "strange, unsightly pieces of cloth," as Burroughs put it. Of course, while some of the images might be mildly erotic - Martian women are quite pleasant to look at - there will not be any outright pornographic imagery on this site.

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