Ptarth is a Red Martian kingdom, located far to the west of Phundahl and to the southeast of Duhor. A country with close diplomatic ties to Helium, it nearly declared war on Helium when its princess, Thuvia, was kidnapped by a ship bearing Heliumite markings; at the time, it was well-known among the court that Helium's prince, Carthoris, was attracted to the princess, even though she had been promised to Prince Kulan Tith of Kaol, and thus it was believed that Carthoris had kidnapped her out of desperation. Later, the culprit was revealed to be Astok, Prince of Dusar.

Known Residents Edit

  • Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth
  • Thuvia, daughter of Thuvan Dihn and princess of Ptarth; currently married to Prince Carthoris of Helium
  • Hovan Du, a common man who became most uncommon when half of his brain was swapped with half of the brain of a white ape,

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