The information in this article comes from Dynamites, warlord of mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
The Boora Witch
Image by Carlos Rafael & Carlos Lopez.
Biographical information
Title The Boora Witch
Gender Female
Race Orovar
Kingdom Unknown
Status Deceased

The Boora Witch is a mysterious figure from Barsooms distant past.


She was once simply a woman of the Orovar, nothing more. But she discovered a book of arcane knowledge and mastered the dark arts, including the ability to place her consciousness in the body of another. Her own people grew fearful and exiled her to the Toonolian Marshes. There she watched with pleasure from afar, as their civilization crumbled to dust.

Over the many centuries she inhabited the bodies of dozens of women from many different races, Orovar, Reds, and even at least one Green, before she inhabited the body of Dejah Thoris.


She is a master of Dark Arts, her primary demonstrated ability is to inhabit the bodies of others.


  • Conceptually The Boora Witch is extremely similar to the character Zhuvan D'ark from Marvels 1980s Warlord of Mars series.

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