The information in this article comes from Dynamite's warlord of mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Tok Nur
Image by Carlos Rafael & Carlos Lopez
Biographical information
Title None Known
Gender Male
Race Red Martian
Kingdom Helium
Status Deceased

Tok Nur was a spy in the service of Helium.


In his early life he was a good friend to Dejah Thoris, she considered him like a brother and the two were schooled together. He became a spy, and one of the best men in the service of Gunbor.

He was sent to track down and eliminate Mortus, a assassin guild leader who had become greatly feared in the Barsoomian underworld who had begun to wage war against Helium from the shadows.

Tok Nur formulated a plan to meet with Xam Lin a leader to an assassins guild that rivaled Mortus', but he was killed and returned with the letter M carved into his chest before he could fulfill his plan.

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